Tweetle-dum and Tweetle-di

It’s been confirmed as the new vogue – the twitterati are here to stay!!

The microblogging masses are taking over the world and tweeting like canaries on heat… figures recently announced show that worldwide visitors to increased 95 percent in the month of March from 9.8 million to 19.1 million… impressive figures no doubt.

This is the start of their mainstream growth spurt a la Facebook, My Space et al… So you can bet your bottom dollar that an exorbitant $billion figure will come floating over from a Google, Yahoo or Microsoft in the near future…. all before any tangible revenue model has been established of course… that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.


2 Responses to “Tweetle-dum and Tweetle-di”

  1. Robin Says:

    My Space? What’s that? Forgotten already. Let an internet “Giant” buy Twitter then we’ll all get bored and go twattering in another forum – NickNackPaddyWackGiveTheDogAPhone – rolls off the tongue. Shhh – keep this winner to yoursef.

  2. Robin, your comments really make me giggle – I have tears in my eyes reading some of the things you say!
    Must have a look at this Twitter business…

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