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Digital Strangelove

Posted in Advertising, Brand, Culture, Digital, Marketing on 28/10/2009 by nicka77

Great presentation attached below – from a chap called David Gillespie – entitled Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet).

Some lovely, insightful thinking on Intention Planning, the nature of societal change, and the shift within advertising and marketing from a controlled silo-specific ‘all-for-one’ mentality, to a truly open-source ‘one-for-all’ philosophy that is based on the core principles of “data + meaning”.


Latest social networking stats

Posted in Culture, Digital, Social Media on 27/10/2009 by nicka77

Quick snapshot of current trends based on daily reach percentage – twitter is about to overtake myspace for the first time, while Facebook has passed YouTube and continues its inexorable march towards world domination…..


Knowledge in the digital age

Posted in Culture, Digital, Innovation, Technology on 27/10/2009 by nicka77

We all know, as Thomas Friedman so rightly put it, that the world is getting flatter. As technology develops, and knowledge/skills become readily available from Bangalore to Burnley to Baha, the traditional models of corporate control and nepotistic elitism are becoming utterly obsolete.

Now there is a new and, frankly, fantastic service that utilises the flattening power of the internet to give people an even greater opportunity to learn, develop and improve than ever before. The might of iTunes & YouTube have created, in tendem with some of the best Universities around the world, a couple of platforms through which anyone and everyone can access the thoughts of the greatest minds on the planet.

Apple have brought us iTunes U, and Google have created YouTube EDU.

These two sites have reams and reams of lectures that are available free, as podcasts or streamed videos, on any subject from nano-technology to string theory to Darwinism to China’s role in a globalised economy. There are thousands upon thousands of talks and debates from Universities such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and many, many more.

The availability of this level of specialised knowledge, which has up to now only been available to the privileged elite, is a new dawn in the life of the internet from a ‘knowledge flattening’ perspective. Of course it is not a tangible revolution in how the internet is used (as consumer-generated content was, and location-based GPS-enabled intelligent content will be), but it is a demonstration of how the bigger internet brands are utilising their platforms for the greater good.

Check them out – absolutely brilliant.



Good Morning

Posted in Digital, Social Media, Technology on 20/10/2009 by nicka77

This is a very cool data visualisation of twitter – a romp around the globe showing everyone who included the words “Good Morning” in their tweet, with the blocks colour coded depending on the time of day those tweets were sent.

Check out more on blprnt.blg –

[Vimeo 6239027]

Multi-touch desktop interface… Con10uum

Posted in Digital, Innovation on 14/10/2009 by nicka77

Really great little bit of technology here from 10/gui, taking the single cursor mouse out of the mix and replacing our desktop experience with an intuitive, natural experience. Can’t wait for this kind of thing to become a reality… surely it can’t be more than a year in today’s environment?

The pace of change is frightening

Posted in Culture, Digital, Economics, The Truth Is Out There on 08/10/2009 by nicka77

Fantastic little video here from The Economist that highlights just how quickly society is changing around us… check it out.