Sasha at WMC 2011 in Miami

The legend that is Sasha rocked the opening of WMC 2011 on Sunday 6th March at Set nightclub, laying down a succession of twisted, high-octane beats for an intimate crowd to enjoy late into the Miami night. WMC 2011 kicks off for real today, Tuesday 8th, but Sasha got the unofficial party started with his unique brand of intelligent, deep, trance-oriented house. A brilliant set. A brilliant start to the week. Check out my video of the night here.

The one downside was the old ‘velvet rope scrum’ that is unique to Miami. What on earth is wrong with a queue? I know I sound like an old fogey, but queuing has stood the test of time, and even the Italians can do it now. Struggling to get the attentions of a power-crazed doorman who thrives on favours, handouts and nepotism is ridiculous. Even with tickets we had to battle our way through the silicone breasts and perfectly chiseled cheekbones to get in. Absurd. And unfortunately the door policy of “who do you know?” meant that the crowd, broadly, had no idea of the genius on the decks. But saying all that, Set is a cool nightclub, intimate and classy, and a good portion of the crowd were totally into the music and appreciated seeing Sasha close up and personal.

Can’t wait for the rest of WMC 2011 to kick off.


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