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Jaguar F-TYPE – the ‘Desire’ Project

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I’ve been fortunate enough to be working on a cool project over the last 9 months for Jaguar, to launch their new F-TYPE. The spiritual successor to the E-TYPE no less, the iconic car of the 60’s driven by luminaries such as Steve McQueen, George Best, Frank Sinatra and more.

With any luck, this car will become a new icon. One that puts Jaguar back on the map and recaptures some of the intangible spirit and kudos that made it so cool back in the 50’s and 60’s.

Here is a trailer for the forthcoming 13″ film which will launch in April 2013. Created by The Brooklyn Brothers in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates, and starring Damian Lewis, Jordi Molla and Shannyn Sossamon. And the soundtrack is a song penned by Lana Del Rey specifically for the F-TYPE: ‘Burning Desire’.

I’ve also attached a few shots from the set. We went out to the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the driest places on the planet where (in certain parts) it hasn’t rained for 115 years. An amazing experience. Managed to bookend it with an event in LA prior to the shoot, to announce the film to the worlds media, and then a few days in Buenos Aires after we’d wrapped (one of my all time favourite cities – a great place).

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Range Rover Evoque – The Pulse of the City

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Currently in LA for the latest phase of the Range Rover Evoque ‘Pulse of the City’ campaign I have been working on at The Brooklyn Brothers this year. The Coupe was launched in Paris, and the 5-door is launched this Wednesday – wouldn’t mind one myself if I’m honest – very cool car. Check out our Hello Evoque website to find out more about the project.



Very lucky to be working on this brand and this campaign, and indeed to be staying at a cool hotel with a very tasty little rooftop pool with stunning views over the shimmering diaspora that is Los Angeles. Looks incredible as the sun rises. But I digress.

We’ve got some cool geo-art type chicanery with OK Go coming up this week, and have been having fun with the campaign in great cities like Sydney, Sao Paulo and Paris to date. Check out the OK Go invite video below, plus some of the shots/videos from our activities and collaborations with cool artists, photographers, and designers so far. I’ve also added a few videos from our City Shapers, telling us about what they love about their cites and what inspires them.

There’ll be loads more over the coming months, so check out the website, stay tuned to the blog to see what we get up to, and download the app to get involved yourself.


Invitation to play with OK Go and get involved in our geo-art project


Fun & games in Sydney


Making a splash in Sao Paulo



Partying it up in Paris


Turning the streets of Paris into art galleries



Some amazing UV shenanigans with Timothy Saccenti and the GPS-wrapped Spy Cars


A smattering of our City Shaper videos


Digital Strangelove

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Great presentation attached below – from a chap called David Gillespie – entitled Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet).

Some lovely, insightful thinking on Intention Planning, the nature of societal change, and the shift within advertising and marketing from a controlled silo-specific ‘all-for-one’ mentality, to a truly open-source ‘one-for-all’ philosophy that is based on the core principles of “data + meaning”.

AKQA – Fiat eco:Drive

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AKQA have just scooped one of the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix for 2009 with a wonderful idea for Fiat, entitled eco:Drive.

This idea demonstrates how new technologies can genuinely help each of us change our daily habits in small ways to aid the negative impact on climate change we all make.

By analysing your personal driving routine, and then plugging the data from a USB stick into the eco:Drive programme on your PC, you can get a realtime picture of the ways in which you can adapt your driving style to cut carbon emissions and save yourself some cash.

This idea illustrates perfectly that the best marketing concepts are about offering consumers tangible value through informational and engaging concepts, and then linking to a social community.


Bacardi create one of the most misguided campaigns in history

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Somehow, through the various approval processes and corporate checks necessary to get a campaign off the ground, this obscene and insulting idea got through everyone at McCann’s & Bacardi.

Some bright sparks obviously thought the way to build brand affinity and increase sales of the increasingly unpopular Bacardi Breezer was to demonstrate how much hotter women would look if they found an ugly mate to hang out with… quite extraordinary.

Not entirely sure what insights these fools unearthed that led them to this creative powerhouse of an idea, or what blinding flash of inspiration led them to think it would be anything other than a total PR disaster.

In an age of social media, this local campaign from Israel has spread across the globe like wildfire, leading to a Bacardi boycott the world over. We all know that people can be cruel, and that we live in a society that places an overly large emphasis on aesthetic superficiality, but when a brand plays on those insecurities it is simply unacceptable.

Whatever the thinking, it was hugely misguided. The repercussions from this campaign will impact both the mother brand, Bacardi, and it’s ugly duckling sister, Bacardi Breezer, the world over, and it will probably take quite some time before the brand can recover.

I have no doubt that heads will roll as a result of the campaign, but the damage is done, and this just demonstrates how much power even the smallest, most insignificant agencies on a clients roster can have if not kept in check.

‘Lead India’ – The Times of India / JWT

Posted in #worldview, Advertising, Brand, Culture, Marketing on 27/04/2009 by nicka77

This is a campaign developed by JWT India for The Times of India that won a Grand Prix at Cannes in 2008.

I have to say that Lead India is a phenomenal piece of marketing that is touching, poignant and inspirational, as well as achieving the aim of driving mass engagement and participation across a huge cross-section of the Indian population.

The campaign celebrated India’s 60th anniversary as a democracy, and utilised every channel to deliver a truly integrated, interactive experience for the many, many Indians who got involved. It also achieved the aim of generating awareness country-wide and reached every one of India’s 1 billion citizens in one way or another.


The Lead India campaign asked every Indian what they would do if they could lead the country, and then created an architecture around the idea including town hall meetings, online applications, video upload sites, SMS voting, reality TV shows, celebrity and political endorsement, and traditional TV & Print executions. This architecture enabled mass participation, and 34,000 Indians actually entered the race to be able to stand in the general elections of 2007, with one winner finally being chosen by the public from a final selection of 8 candidates.

This campaign is a benchmark for truly great marketing, and it’s well worth watching the attached video.

By watching the video, you not only learn about the campaign, but you will also get an understanding of some of the tensions that exist in modern India, a nation that is growing exponentially as a global powerhouse, and has a thriving commercial heartbeat, but that in democratic terms is still young, and continues to experience the pains of adolescence.


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It is now less than 24 hours before I get on a flight to Mumbai, and begin what promises to be the adventure of a lifetime.

After some last minute technical emergencies with the mac, I think I’m finally ready to leave sunny London to embark on an adventure that will take in India, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil. 

The trip could take anywhere between 3 and 12 months, depending on a variety of factors – but the main aim from my perspective is to get out there, have fun, immerse myself in alien cultures, and have a phenomenal life-changing experience.

But it’s not all about play (although there’ll be plenty) – there is a business angle to this trip as well.

I’ll be meeting a wide variety of people from the world of advertising and marketing, asking for their opinions and perspectives on some of the big questions facing the industry today. It seems like an apt time to be undertaking this type of project, with the twin towers of technological innovation and global recession combining to create an era of unprecedented change.

The blog you are reading now will predominantly be for my personal experiences of the trip, and there will be plenty of photos, videos and anecdotes from my journey. I’ll also be on twitter (@nicka77 or search #worldview), and will be geo-tagging photos and videos on my flickrstream as I go.

The opinion pieces on how the industry is changing will be featured on, and the idea for the #worldview project is to explore the global themes i am focusing on through a plethora of local and regional lenses.

Although Mumbai is the first stop on the world tour, in reality the #worldview project started a couple of weeks ago when I went to New York.

I was able to discuss how advertising and marketing is changing both globally and within America with Bob Greenberg & Chris Colborn at R/GA, Bob Jeffrey at JWT, and Mark Wnek at Lowe. The guys gave me some fantastic insights, and I’ll be talking about the conversations we had over the coming weeks and months, comparing and contrasting their perspectives on the industry with opinions from the countries I’ll be visiting.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve also spoken to a number of people in London to get some great (and varied) perspectives on the shape of the industry, both in the UK and worldwide. Again, i’ll be referencing those discussions in forthcoming posts.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to everyone who has found the time to talk to me so far, and who has helped to kick start the project in its embryonic stage. 

Now the project is about to begin for real.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.