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Get your nacho hat here for $99.99

Posted in #worldview, Comic, Food, Innovation on 22/06/2009 by nicka77

Latest #worldview fashion accessory is the Nacho hat – great for parties, movies, or just chilling at home. Wonderful invention.

Even Homer has one – so it must be cool….


Hong Kong – impressions

Posted in #worldview, Culture, Food, Travel on 25/05/2009 by nicka77

Concentrated capitalism.

My over-riding impression of Hong Kong is that it exists in a bubble of overt materialism that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The city drips with wealth and a consumerist philosophy that harks back to the time pre-1997 when it was a principality that existed under the Friedman ideology of pure, un-fettered capitalism.











There are Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Armani shops on every major shopping street, and in every mall (of which there are loads), and they are all busy. Unlike the flagship stores for luxury brands in New York or London, these stores actually have people buying stuff in them. And there are even queues outside, packed with young Chinese mainly, waiting to get in to spend their (well earned?) money.












But I don’t write this words disparagingly, because Hong kong is Hong Kong, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It used to be the gateway for the West into Asia, and even now, under Chinese rule, it has retained its role as a major banking centre, funnelling global finance between the Nikkei, the Dow Jones, the NASQAQ, and the LSE.

I was lucky enough to stay with a couple of friends, who very kindly put me up and showed me the town for the weekend. And I absolutely loved it. Had a great time taking in the sights and going out for a few big nights at Dragon-i and Wagyu, and enjoying the unique pleasures that Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai have to offer.












Staying with someone who works in a bank may have given me a one eyed view of Hong Kong, but it seems to me that this is a place that is pure finance. Almost everyone I met was in banking (or banking recruitment), on an ex-pat contract, and enjoying the lifestyle.

Hong Kong is decadent, hedonistic and debauched. It’s basically a party town where the people are transient, staying for only a few years before heading on to Sydney, Singapore, New York or London, and have the money to enjoy life to the full while they’re here.

And, as I say, you can’t fault the place or the people for enjoying Hong Kong for what it is. It’s a great place to live for a few years and the people I met were all great people, living life to the full.

Other than partying and recovering, I managed to explore Kowloon, which is more earthy and Chinese than the ex-pat dominated Hong Kong island. However, the first things that accosted me on disembarking from the glorious ferry ride were Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Armani shops. So it can’t be all that earthy!!












Whilst in Kowloon, I decided to try out some local Chinese food in a relatively classy restaurant, full to the brim with locals. Thought I’d play safe and ordered some calamari. What I was presented with was a plate full of 6-8 inch long octopus tentacles that were crunchy. Hardcore culinary experience!!! But I ate them… and although I can’t say I enjoyed the experience I didn’t have any after effects to report (I was slightly concerned that I’d end up spending the next few days in absolute agony).

Also, managed to blow a MASSIVE hole in my budget, even though I was only in town for a few days. A beer is £6-8!!! That is extraordinary. A basic meal is £15. And although I saved money on accommodation, thanks to the kindness of Peter & Kelly, I did go out a lot more than anticipated and ended up spending the equivalent of 2 weeks in Brazil (according to my budgetary calculations)… which has increased my desire/need to start selling some of the articles I have been writing for the #worldview project.












Anyway, enough on Hong Kong, other than to say I spent a glorious Sunday at South Bay beach, recovering from the night before, checking out the talent and chilling to the beats from the beach bar. Fantastic little bay, where I took a dip in the South Pacific ocean (in my boxers!!) Vaguely embarrassing but I’d left my board shorts at the pad, so no option… luckily they weren’t white or I’d currently be serving time in a Chinese prison.


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This is absolutely my favourite restaurant in London – and possibly the world (not that I’ve been to that many great world-renowned restaurants) – it’s a fantastic dim sum concept, with a wide ranging menu, and has a unique collection of asian-infused cocktails. I love the ambience downstairs where the aquariam bar and a ‘twinkling’ starry-night ceiling reside.

Many people may disagree but I love it.

Alan Yau is the culinary genius behind Yauatcha, and he is also responsible for the exceptional busaba eathai (3 restaurants in London), Hakkasan (also exceptional but very expensive) and the ubiquitous Wagamama.